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TiFiber’s core technology is a family of synthetic antimicrobial polymers, originally developed at the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Initial applications being developed are for health care related applications, medical devices, antiseptics, and food packaging.

TiFiber Technology

Antimicrobial Polymers (AMPs)

TiFiber's  antimicrobial polymer technology is composed of a family of synthetic compounds each exhibiting broad spectrum antimicrobial activity and enhanced biocompatibility without the use of halogens or metals.

TiFiber's  antimicrobial polymer technology posesses many advantages over currently available antimicrobials , such as Triclosan and nanosilver, including increased biocompatibility and low probability of resistance. TiFiber’s AMP can impart antimicrobial properties to a wide variety of materials and can be incorporated as a powder and nanofibrous membrane.


Soluble AMP Powder
  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Effective against gram (+) and gram (-) strains
  • Effective against MRSA
  • Inert towards mammalian cells
  • Tailorable solubility
  • Multi-faceted mode of kill
  • Low probability of resistance formation
  • Near instantaneous speed of kill
  • High temperature stability

Soluble AMP Powder


  • Cosmetic preservatives
  • Antimicrobial soaps
  • Chronic wound care
  • Antimicrobial plastic additives
  • Anti-static additives
  • Textile treatments

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